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In The News

First Sounds strives to make humanity's earliest sound recordings widely known. To that end we gladly share our work, stories, and expertise with the press, the public, and international institutions. Here are some of our favorite pieces and press releases.

UNESCO October 9, 2015
Humanity's First Recordings of its Own Voice
Inscribed onto the Memory of the World Register

STUDIO 360 January 6, 2012

Earliest Known Recording Named to the National Recording Registry

NPR All Things Considered June 9, 2009
Reconsidering the Earliest-Known Recording

SLATE The Music Club December 22, 2008
"Au Clair de la Lune" named the best recording of 2008

COMPUTER WORLD March 29, 2008
The Embedded Message in the World's First Recording

GIZMODO March 27, 2008
Earliest Audio Recording Resurrected, Scares the Genitals Off Us

NPR All Things Considered March 27, 2008
Sound Recording Predates Edison Phonograph

POPULAR SCIENCE March 27, 2008
Pre-Edison Sound Recording Played Back

REUTERS March 27, 2008
U.S. experts find oldest voice recording, from 1860

THE NEW YORK TIMES March 27, 2008
Researchers Play Tune Recorded Before Edison

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